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Driver Profile

Discord Name tomppelii discord avatar tomppelii
Nickname Tom
Country FI Finland
Licence Points
pc acc 0
pc acc GT3 0

Leagues & Events

pc Vintage Multiclass - Tier 1 League
season ended
Final position: 12

Team: smol pp
Final position: 2
season ended

Team: N7 Racing
Final position: 7
Class Platinum: 7
pc GT3 GT3 Season XI - Tier 2 League
season ended
Final position: 37

Team: smol pp moetorsports
Final position: 8
season ended

Team: smol pp
Final position: 16
Class Platinum: 11
event ended
smol pp the smolest
event ended
smol pp
pc GT3 GT3 Season X - Tier 2 League
season ended
Final position: 11

Team: Smol pp Moetorsports
Final position: 5

Race Statistics

Races and events
Starts: 26   Finished: 24   Pole positions: 0   Podiums: 1   Wins: 1
Fastest race laps: 1 Average race finish: 14.83 Average qualifying: 12.22 Average gained: -2.61
Laps driven: 1178 Races since last penalty: no penalties Average penalty: none
Participated: 5   Final standings podium: 0   Championships won: 0
Average final standings: 15.60
Team championships
Participated: 3   Final standings podium: 1   Championships won: 0
Average final standings: 5.00
Season Tier Team #
Season Vintage Multiclass1smol pp2
GT3 Season XI2smol pp moetorsports8
GT3 Season X2Smol pp Moetorsports5
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Last Race Results

19.09.23Bathurst - Vintage MulticlassTier 1DNF
12.09.23Monza - Vintage MulticlassTier 114
05.09.23Suzuka - Vintage MulticlassTier 110
29.08.23Oulton Park - Vintage MulticlassTier 113
03.12.22IndianapolisGT3 - ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 3Tier 114
05.11.22NürburgringGT3 - ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 3Tier 116
01.11.22KyalamiGT3 - XITier 2CNS
25.10.22MonzaGT3 - XITier 221
18.10.22ZolderGT3 - XITier 219
11.10.22IndianapolisGT3 - XITier 2DNF