League Information

# Team Category Points Gained Gap Gap LP Car
1PPR Esports Platinum1581
2Vanwall Simsport Platinum13820202
3Like and Subscribe Team Platinum12830103
4Beaver Grease Racing BentleyPlatinum1193994
5PCDC Motorsports Platinum1114785
6Fast VR Team A Platinum1045476
7Beer Racing Team Platinum976177
8Silver Racing Team Platinum916768
9RevolutionSimRacing White Platinum8573639
10AKKO Racing Team Platinum80785210
11John Deere Motorsports Is mien merkPlatinum75835211
12Pacehub Platinum7088512
13Le Mans Rennsport LMRPlatinum6692413
14RevolutionSimRacing BlackSilver62964214
15R&D Racing Platinum58100415
16Crazyflie Racing Team №1Silver54104416
17Redlinezak Racing Bronze51107317
18Goat Racing #3Silver48110318
19Victorious Secret Silver451133219
20H7K-Racing Silver42116320
21N7 Racing Silver39119321
22Yeet Gaming Platinum36122322
23SubAliens Silver331253223
24Chimp Racing Silver30128324
25Banan Racing Silver27131325
26Revsport CSC International UwUSilver251332326
27Gamle Læfsa Racing Silver23135227
28The Brexit Bois PurpleSilver21137228
29PCDC Motorsports 2 Bronze19139229
30Goat Racing #1Silver171412230 eRacing Platinum151432331
32CSC Racing Silver13145232
33Divebomb Motorsport AlphaSilver11147233
34Spanco Racing GigakubicaSilver91492234
35Shaun Clarke Racing Shaun Clarke Racing #34Silver71512235
36Beaver Grease Racing AudiSilver5153236
37Fast VR Team B Platinum4154137
38WB Racing Silver3155138
39STMP Endurance Silver2156139
40Tempesto Motorsports Bronze1157140
41Crazyflie Racing Team №2Silver0158141
42Shazoo Endurance Racing TeamPlatinum01580DNF
43Wheelbarrow Racing Team Bronze01580DNF
44Crazy Crew Silver01580DNF
45Karimbabimba Motorsport Trans-Atlantic-Tea-PartyPlatinum015802DNF
46H3 Racing Platinum015804DNF
47FTW Racing - 01580DNF
48Team Snail eSports ENDUBronze01580DNS
49Desperate Measures - Scarlet Platinum01580CNS by VDES - No. 126Platinum01580CNS
51Racing Team Serbia Platinum01580CNS
52NONGRATA TEAM Bronze01580DNS by VDES - No. 2Platinum01580CNS
54URL Silver01580CNS
55Dalking Community Platinum0158010NS
56SMP Racing Esports Platinum0158010NS
# Team Category Points Gained Gap Gap LP Car
1Scuderia Ravioli Platinum1501
2HaWe Racing Platinum138121212
3Name TBD Race KneusjesPlatinum12822103
4Hela Gewürzketchup Racing DelikatPlatinum1193194
5Karimbabimba Motorsport Non-Sweaty TeamPlatinum11139825
6Valkyrie By Francorchamps miniatures Platinum10446726
7RevolutionSimRacing Red Silver9753727
8Indian Racing Community Porsche BoisPlatinum9159618
9MSL Racing #482Platinum856569 #222Platinum8070510
11BeesWax Racing Completely BeechedSilver7575511
12Goat Racing #4Platinum7080512
13Team Hivemind Grumpy Old FartsPlatinum6684413
14Atlas Racing Platinum6288414
15No Time To Pee Yellow StreamPlatinum5892415
16Pacemakers Racing Platinum54964316
17Revsport CSC International Tax EvadersPlatinum5199317
18The Blues Platinum481023518
19TWG Racing Silver451053219
20Divebomb Motorsport BetaSilver421083120
21Nürburgring eSports Team Platinum391113121
22PleškoCars Pleško Cars Silver36114322
23Slow Patrol Racing Fast thinkers, slow moversPlatinum331173323
24Celtic Bromance Brm BrmSilver30120324
25ThunderFlash Silver271233325
26Hela Gewürzketchup Racing CurrySilver251252126
27Karimbabimba Motorsport A(M)-TeamPlatinum21129428
28SimRacingXP TheLegend27Silver191312229
29Green Monster Racing Silver171332230
30Lithuanian AM Silver15135231
31Iran Racing Team Platinum13137232
32Team X Silver111392333
33Indian Racing Community Zak Code BrownPlatinum10140139
34Weichafes Racing Team WRT & LEVA Simracing #46Silver9141134
35Indian Racing Community Team KaijuSilver7143235
36lagimatie Racing Team HunterzSilver51452436
37Weichafes Racing Team WRT & LEVA Simracing #47Silver41461337
38QV Motorsports Die Bürodame Mutter Milch HuppenSilver31471338
39Gwhizz Racing Platinum01503DNF
40AKKO Racing Team SilverBronze015003DNF
41Killed By Dirtyrico Platinum01500DNF
42BeesWax Racing MisbeehivingSilver01500DNF
43Intercontinental Racing Silver015002DNF
44Simbro Sport Silver015004DNF
45Have Fun Simracing Have Fun SimracingSilver01500DNF
46Skellet Bunny Racing Bronze01500DNS
47Slip&Slide Racing Bronze01500DNS
48Keyboard Drivers Bronze01500DNS
49Northern Ireland Nighthawks Special BoisSilver01500CNS
50NTG-RACING Bronze01500DNS
52Ayala/Asunsolo Racing Platinum01500227
53Parc Ferme Endurance Racing Bronze01500DNS
54Parc Ferme Endurance Racing Black Platinum01500CNS
55Celtic Bromance Skrt SkrtBronze01500DNS
56Miskolc Racing Silver0150010NS
57Haakon Squad EnduranceBronze01500DNS
58Goat Racing #2Silver0150040
59Hela Gewürzketchup Racing SpicySilver01500CNS
09.10.2021 13:00 UTC Barcelona
# Team Category Status Time Laps Points Fastest LP Number Car
1PPR Esports PlatinumFIN09:01:04.17330415801:43.6171
2Vanwall Simsport PlatinumFIN09:02:15.53830413801:44.03711
3Like and Subscribe Team PlatinumFIN09:02:20.58130412801:44.046911
4Beaver Grease Racing BentleyPlatinumFIN09:04:16.12330411901:43.63213
5PCDC Motorsports PlatinumFIN09:02:08.60230311101:43.73715
6Fast VR Team A PlatinumFIN09:02:23.03530310401:44.094212
7Beer Racing Team PlatinumFIN09:01:05.2093029701:44.43310
8Silver Racing Team PlatinumFIN09:01:06.1283029101:43.902101
9RevolutionSimRacing White PlatinumFIN09:01:36.2653028501:43.572322
10AKKO Racing Team PlatinumFIN09:02:18.5833028001:43.641217
11John Deere Motorsports Is mien merkPlatinumFIN09:01:27.6993017501:44.010224
12Pacehub PlatinumFIN09:01:28.2973017001:44.7186
13Le Mans Rennsport LMRPlatinumFIN09:01:56.5633016601:44.133444
14RevolutionSimRacing BlackSilverFIN09:02:22.0283016201:44.184225
15R&D Racing PlatinumFIN09:02:23.7503015801:44.775224
16Crazyflie Racing Team №1SilverFIN09:02:26.1803015401:44.400149
17Redlinezak Racing BronzeFIN09:02:39.8623015101:44.796180
18Goat Racing #3SilverFIN09:02:49.0703014801:44.4609
19Victorious Secret SilverFIN09:01:04.3313004501:44.181255
20H7K-Racing SilverFIN09:01:25.3903004201:43.686871
21N7 Racing SilverFIN09:01:30.6663003901:44.283117
22Yeet Gaming PlatinumFIN09:02:10.8263003601:44.29514
23SubAliens SilverFIN09:02:19.0463003301:44.3432638
24Chimp Racing SilverFIN09:02:38.9973003001:44.81169
25Banan Racing SilverFIN09:01:42.3452992701:44.559448
26Revsport CSC International UwUSilverFIN09:01:48.8482992501:44.184348
27Gamle Læfsa Racing SilverFIN09:01:57.9582992301:44.05833
28The Brexit Bois PurpleSilverFIN09:02:08.4022992101:44.53888
29PCDC Motorsports 2 BronzeFIN09:02:08.8202991901:44.07029
30Goat Racing #1SilverFIN09:02:20.3022991701:44.9702999 eRacing PlatinumFIN09:01:05.4832981501:44.3343500
32CSC Racing SilverFIN09:01:13.5922981301:44.72496
33Divebomb Motorsport AlphaSilverFIN09:01:27.7592981101:44.976713
34Spanco Racing GigakubicaSilverFIN09:01:29.484298901:45.2192612
35Shaun Clarke Racing Shaun Clarke Racing #34SilverFIN09:02:06.759298701:44.853234
36Beaver Grease Racing AudiSilverFIN09:01:17.271297501:45.0664
37Fast VR Team B PlatinumFIN09:01:26.333297401:44.694111
38WB Racing SilverFIN09:01:38.700297301:44.460174
39STMP Endurance SilverFIN09:02:37.882297201:44.931760
40Tempesto Motorsports BronzeFIN09:02:17.962295101:45.354737
41Crazyflie Racing Team №2SilverFIN08:23:44.60727201:45.312142
42Shazoo Endurance Racing TeamPlatinumDNF05:30:14.45118401:44.148251
43Wheelbarrow Racing Team BronzeDNF01:06:54.1143501:45.504727
44Crazy Crew SilverDNF01:02:01.8803201:46.242488
45Karimbabimba Motorsport Trans-Atlantic-Tea-PartyPlatinumDNF00:37:56.8021801:46.275236
46H3 Racing PlatinumDNF00:07:36.444401:45.222466
47FTW Racing - DNF00:03:54.321216:31.809991
0Team Snail eSports ENDUBronzeDNS
0Desperate Measures - Scarlet PlatinumCNS by VDES - No. 126PlatinumCNS
0Racing Team Serbia PlatinumCNS
0NONGRATA TEAM BronzeDNS by VDES - No. 2PlatinumCNS
0URL SilverCNS
0Dalking Community PlatinumNS10
0SMP Racing Esports PlatinumNS10
# Team Category Status Time Laps Points Fastest LP Number Car
1Scuderia Ravioli PlatinumFIN09:00:19.63928915001:45.47752
2HaWe Racing PlatinumFIN09:00:53.45828913801:45.2101969
3Name TBD Race KneusjesPlatinumFIN09:01:30.60828912801:45.330738
4Hela Gewürzketchup Racing DelikatPlatinumFIN09:00:24.20828711901:45.4055
5Karimbabimba Motorsport Non-Sweaty TeamPlatinumFIN09:00:54.56528711101:45.1742420
6Valkyrie By Francorchamps miniatures PlatinumFIN09:02:05.09728710401:44.7242477
7RevolutionSimRacing Red SilverFIN09:00:47.4082869701:45.204270
8Indian Racing Community Porsche BoisPlatinumFIN09:01:00.5482869101:45.384154
9MSL Racing #482PlatinumFIN09:00:28.7592858501:45.870482 #222PlatinumFIN09:00:30.9122858001:45.432222
11BeesWax Racing Completely BeechedSilverFIN09:00:47.8242857501:45.849333
12Goat Racing #4PlatinumFIN09:00:59.9522857001:46.01176
13Team Hivemind Grumpy Old FartsPlatinumFIN09:01:12.4862856601:45.324728
14Atlas Racing PlatinumFIN09:01:38.7552856201:45.42079
15No Time To Pee Yellow StreamPlatinumFIN09:01:47.0082855801:45.735170
16Pacemakers Racing PlatinumFIN09:02:00.5922855401:45.4623308
17Revsport CSC International Tax EvadersPlatinumFIN09:00:35.7452845101:45.681648
18The Blues PlatinumFIN09:01:20.2532844801:45.8675555
19TWG Racing SilverFIN09:02:04.0182844501:46.3832121
20Divebomb Motorsport BetaSilverFIN09:02:04.3612844201:45.6631795
21Nürburgring eSports Team PlatinumFIN09:00:25.5192833901:45.8611165
22PleškoCars Pleško Cars SilverFIN09:01:01.4512833601:45.53781
23Slow Patrol Racing Fast thinkers, slow moversPlatinumFIN09:00:50.0902823301:45.933387
24Celtic Bromance Brm BrmSilverFIN09:01:11.7832823001:45.699777
25ThunderFlash SilverFIN09:01:46.5952822701:46.146342
26Hela Gewürzketchup Racing CurrySilverFIN09:00:33.5832812501:46.509162
27Ayala/Asunsolo Racing PlatinumFIN09:00:53.0492812301:45.6692119
28Karimbabimba Motorsport A(M)-TeamPlatinumFIN09:01:43.3532812101:45.7983
29SimRacingXP TheLegend27SilverFIN09:00:37.4142801901:46.107227
30Green Monster Racing SilverFIN09:01:09.5012801701:45.7802364
31Lithuanian AM SilverFIN09:01:14.6922801501:45.108330
32Iran Racing Team PlatinumFIN09:00:45.1242791301:45.92492
33Team X SilverFIN09:01:35.8642781101:46.9443210
34Weichafes Racing Team WRT & LEVA Simracing #46SilverFIN09:02:08.405278901:46.13146
35Indian Racing Community Team KaijuSilverFIN09:03:18.887278701:45.942435
36lagimatie Racing Team HunterzSilverFIN09:00:45.100276501:47.1394878
37Weichafes Racing Team WRT & LEVA Simracing #47SilverFIN09:02:08.242274401:46.854347
38QV Motorsports Die Bürodame Mutter Milch HuppenSilverFIN09:01:25.242273301:46.824363
39Indian Racing Community Zak Code BrownPlatinumFIN07:37:40.9662381001:45.312720
40Goat Racing #2SilverFIN07:44:16.891225101:45.447666
41Gwhizz Racing PlatinumDNF05:28:55.42216901:45.76221
42AKKO Racing Team SilverBronzeDNF05:08:04.31316201:45.5793771
43Killed By Dirtyrico PlatinumDNF04:49:10.39315401:45.17173
44BeesWax Racing MisbeehivingSilverDNF04:50:33.97214801:45.705888
45Intercontinental Racing SilverDNF02:55:47.2929201:45.90627
46Simbro Sport SilverDNF02:51:53.7959101:46.062423
47Have Fun Simracing Have Fun SimracingSilverDNF00:58:25.1603201:47.44819
0Haakon Squad EnduranceBronzeDNS
0Miskolc Racing SilverNS10
0Celtic Bromance Skrt SkrtBronzeDNS
0Parc Ferme Endurance Racing Black PlatinumCNS
0Parc Ferme Endurance Racing BronzeDNS
0Skellet Bunny Racing BronzeDNS
0Northern Ireland Nighthawks Special BoisSilverCNS
0Keyboard Drivers BronzeDNS
0Slip&Slide Racing BronzeDNS
0Hela Gewürzketchup Racing SpicySilverCNS
Driver Roster
Min drivers: 2
Max drivers: 4
Roster change: 06.10.2021 22:59 UTC
02.10.2021 19:00 - 08.10.2021 20:59 UTC
Superpole: Top 10 teams
09.10.2021 10:00 UTC
Server Json
{ "track": "barcelona_2020", "preRaceWaitingTimeSeconds": 240, "sessionOverTimeSeconds": 140, "postQualySeconds": 30, "postRaceSeconds": 900, "ambientTemp": 28, "cloudLevel": 0.4, "rain": 0.05, "weatherRandomness": 2, "simracerWeatherConditions": 1, "isFixedConditionQualification": 0, "sessions": [ { "hourOfDay": 13, "dayOfWeekend": 3, "timeMultiplier": 1, "sessionType": "P", "sessionDurationMinutes": 120 }, { "hourOfDay": 15, "dayOfWeekend": 3, "timeMultiplier": 1, "sessionType": "R", "sessionDurationMinutes": 540 } ], "configVersion": 1 }
{ "track": "barcelona_2020", "preRaceWaitingTimeSeconds": 240, "sessionOverTimeSeconds": 140, "postQualySeconds": 30, "postRaceSeconds": 900, "ambientTemp": 28, "trackTemp": 35, "cloudLevel": 0.2, "rain": 0.0, "weatherRandomness": 0, "simracerWeatherConditions": 1, "isFixedConditionQualification": 1, "sessions": [ { "hourOfDay": 13, "dayOfWeekend": 2, "timeMultiplier": 0, "sessionType": "Q", "sessionDurationMinutes": 120 } ], "configVersion": 1 }
{ "track": "barcelona_2020", "preRaceWaitingTimeSeconds": 240, "sessionOverTimeSeconds": 140, "postQualySeconds": 30, "postRaceSeconds": 900, "ambientTemp": 24, "trackTemp": 29, "cloudLevel": 0.1, "rain": 0.0, "weatherRandomness": 0, "simracerWeatherConditions": 1, "isFixedConditionQualification": 1, "sessions": [ { "hourOfDay": 16, "dayOfWeekend": 2, "timeMultiplier": 1, "sessionType": "P", "sessionDurationMinutes": 120 }, { "hourOfDay": 18, "dayOfWeekend": 2, "timeMultiplier": 0, "sessionType": "Q", "sessionDurationMinutes": 120 } ], "configVersion": 1 }
Race info
Race length: 9 hours
Mandatory pit-stop(s): No
Mandatory tire change: No
Mandatory refueling: No
Refueling allowed: Yes
Maximum stint time: 65
Tyre set limitation: No
Refueling time fixed: No
Weather forecast
80% dry
20% wet
30% changing conditions
Practice and Qualifying servers
ApexOnline.Racing #27 | Endurance Championship | Solo practice #1 | #AORERP PW: Apex
ApexOnline.Racing #28 | Endurance Championship | Solo practice #2 | #AORERP PW: Apex
ApexOnline.Racing #29 | Endurance Championship | Solo practice #3 (fixed conditions) | #AORERP PW: Apex
ApexOnline.Racing #30 | Endurance Championship | Solo practice (12x) | #AORERP PW: Apex
ApexOnline.Racing #31 | Endurance Championship | Solo practice (0.2 rain) | #AORERP PW: Apex
ApexOnline.Racing #32 | Endurance Championship | Solo practice (0.4 rain) | #AORERP PW: Apex
ApexOnline.Racing #33 | Endurance Championship | Solo practice (dark) | #AORERP PW: Apex
ApexOnline.Racing #34 | Endurance Championship | Team practice #1 | #AORERP PW: Apex
ApexOnline.Racing #35 | Endurance Championship | Team practice #2 (fixed conditions) | #AORER PW: Apex
ApexOnline.Racing #36 | Endurance Championship | Qualifying server #1 | #AORERQ PW: Apex
ApexOnline.Racing #37 | Endurance Championship | Qualifying server #2 | #AORERQ PW: Apex
ApexOnline.Racing #38 | Endurance Championship | Qualifying server #3 | #AORERQ PW: Apex
ApexOnline.Racing #39 | Endurance Championship | Qualifying server #4 | #AORERQ PW: Apex
ApexOnline.Racing #40 | Endurance Championship | Qualifying server #5 | #AORERQ PW: Apex
30.10.2021 10:00 UTC Kyalami
# Team Category Fastest Gap Leader Gap Prev Car Rank Valid
1RevolutionSimRacing White Platinum01:40.026AMR V8 Vantage31 / 3
2PPR Esports Platinum01:40.05000.02400.024Bentley Continental GT313 / 3
3PCDC Motorsports Platinum01:40.15700.13100.107Bentley Continental GT323 / 4 by VDES - No. 2Platinum01:40.21500.18900.058AMR V8 Vantage13 / 3
5Like and Subscribe Team Platinum01:40.23300.20700.018AMR V8 Vantage12 / 2 by VDES - No. 126Platinum01:40.31600.29000.083AMR V8 Vantage13 / 3
7Racing Team Serbia Platinum01:40.32100.29500.005Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo12 / 2
8WB Racing Silver01:40.33200.30600.010Porsche 991 II GT3 R31 / 3
9H3 Racing Platinum01:40.39600.37000.064Bentley Continental GT322 / 3
10Desperate Measures - Scarlet Platinum01:40.46100.43500.064McLaren 720S GT332 / 4
11Pacehub Platinum01:40.48000.45400.019Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo13 / 3
12Vanwall Simsport Platinum01:40.57500.54900.095McLaren 720S GT313 / 3
13Beaver Grease Racing BentleyPlatinum01:40.61700.59100.042Bentley Continental GT314 / 4
14Le Mans Rennsport LMRPlatinum01:40.67800.65200.061McLaren 720S GT312 / 2
15Fast VR Team B Platinum01:40.68900.66300.010AMR V8 Vantage22 / 3
16AKKO Racing Team Platinum01:40.69200.66600.003AMR V8 Vantage12 / 2
17R&D Racing Platinum01:40.71600.69000.024Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo13 / 3
18Beer Racing Team Platinum01:40.76300.73700.047Audi R8 LMS Evo13 / 3
19Goat Racing #3Silver01:40.77200.74600.009Porsche 991 II GT3 R13 / 3 eRacing Platinum01:40.77300.74700.001Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo32 / 4
21RevolutionSimRacing BlackSilver01:40.77400.74800.001Bentley Continental GT313 / 3
22Crazyflie Racing Team №1Silver01:40.81000.78400.036AMR V8 Vantage14 / 4
23H7K-Racing Silver01:40.86800.84200.057Bentley Continental GT313 / 3
24Fast VR Team A Platinum01:40.87500.84900.007McLaren 720S GT314 / 4
25Revsport CSC International UwUSilver01:40.88000.85400.005Porsche 991 II GT3 R13 / 3
26Shazoo Endurance Racing TeamPlatinum01:40.89200.86600.012Bentley Continental GT323 / 4
27Beaver Grease Racing AudiSilver01:40.91600.89000.024Audi R8 LMS Evo14 / 4
28Yeet Gaming Platinum01:40.95100.92500.035Nissan GT R Nismo GT312 / 2
29Banan Racing Silver01:41.01600.99000.065Audi R8 LMS Evo14 / 4
30Karimbabimba Motorsport Trans-Atlantic-Tea-PartyPlatinum01:41.02901.00300.012Porsche 991 II GT3 R22 / 3
31Divebomb Motorsport AlphaSilver01:41.04301.01700.013Porsche 991 II GT3 R21 / 2
32CSC Racing Silver01:41.12401.09800.081Porsche 991 II GT3 R13 / 3
33Victorious Secret Silver01:41.13501.10900.011AMR V8 Vantage23 / 4
34N7 Racing Silver01:41.19801.17200.063Bentley Continental GT323 / 4
35Redlinezak Racing Bronze01:41.20801.18200.010Bentley Continental GT323 / 4
36Silver Racing Team Platinum01:41.27101.24500.063Bentley Continental GT341 / 4
37John Deere Motorsports Is mien merkPlatinum01:41.27801.25200.007Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo23 / 4
38STMP Endurance Silver01:41.35501.32900.077Lexus RC F GT314 / 4
39Goat Racing #1Silver01:41.37001.34400.015McLaren 720S GT313 / 3
40Chimp Racing Silver01:41.50201.47600.132Bentley Continental GT332 / 4
41Shaun Clarke Racing Shaun Clarke Racing #34Silver01:41.58601.56000.084Nissan GT R Nismo GT323 / 4
42Crazyflie Racing Team №2Silver01:41.78701.76100.201AMR V8 Vantage13 / 3
43The Brexit Bois PurpleSilver01:41.79601.77000.009Bentley Continental GT331 / 3
44Spanco Racing GigakubicaSilver01:42.19802.17200.402BMW M6 GT331 / 3
45Tempesto Motorsports Bronze01:42.22802.20200.030BMW M6 GT321 / 2
46PCDC Motorsports 2 Bronze20.02618.228McLaren 720S GT350 / 4
47Wheelbarrow Racing Team Bronze20.026Audi R8 LMS Evo50 / 3
48SubAliens Silver20.026Audi R8 LMS Evo50 / 2
49Crazy Crew Silver20.026Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo50 / 2
50SMP Racing Esports Platinum20.026McLaren 720S GT350 / 3
51Team Snail eSports ENDUBronze20.026Bentley Continental GT350 / 3
52Dalking Community Platinum20.026AMR V8 Vantage50 / 3
53NONGRATA TEAM Bronze20.026AMR V8 Vantage50 / 3
54Gamle Læfsa Racing Silver20.026Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo50 / 4
# Driver Team Fastest Gap Leader Gap Prev Car Laps Valid
1Black Gold SawPPR Esports 01:39.93013
2Vyacheslav by VDES - No. 201:39.98100.05100.05186
3Adam ChmielewskiPPR Esports 01:39.99600.06600.01527
4Dominik GölzRevolutionSimRacing White 01:40.02600.09600.03025
5Maciej HylaPCDC Motorsports 01:40.11000.18000.08428
6Vasily AnufrievLike and Subscribe Team 01:40.11900.18900.009122
7Ryan McIntoshKarimbabimba Motorsport Trans-Atlantic-Tea-Party01:40.12500.19500.00626
8Denis by VDES - No. 201:40.16700.23700.042115
9Mats Lynum AndersenPCDC Motorsports 01:40.17000.24000.00385
10Marcus LawrencePCDC Motorsports 01:40.19100.26100.02122
11Mantas PovilaitisPPR Esports 01:40.22400.29400.03380
12Mikhail by VDES - No. 12601:40.22700.29700.00397
13Uwe SaylerBeer Racing Team 01:40.24800.31800.02110
14Predrag JevremovicRacing Team Serbia 01:40.26900.33900.021169
15Igor by VDES - No. 12601:40.31400.38400.04522
16JJ WertsWB Racing 01:40.33200.40200.01870
17Dennis LatzVanwall Simsport 01:40.34700.41700.01525
18Konstantin SoldatovLike and Subscribe Team 01:40.34700.41700.00089
19 canabeach | H3H3 Racing 01:40.37100.44100.02469
20Vuksan VidenovicRacing Team Serbia 01:40.37400.44400.003133
21Grantas KareckasBeaver Grease Racing Bentley01:40.37700.44700.00364
22Julian VanbrughShazoo Endurance Racing Team01:40.39800.46800.02151
23Viktor by VDES - No. 12601:40.40700.47700.00930
24Alexander ShchinovDesperate Measures - Scarlet 01:40.41300.48300.00682
25Hamza BelhassaneH3 Racing 01:40.42200.49200.00937
26Bastian LindnerPacehub 01:40.43400.50400.01223
27Povilas KlimanskasBeaver Grease Racing Bentley01:40.45500.52500.02193
28Marc TolJohn Deere Motorsports Is mien merk01:40.47000.54000.01516
29Janek RuoffPacehub 01:40.47300.54300.00313
30Pierre-Alex JournesR&D Racing 01:40.47300.54300.00086
31Nikita by VDES - No. 201:40.49700.56700.02440
32Alex KoptsovDesperate Measures - Scarlet 01:40.50900.57900.01256
33Barnabás KonkolyVictorious Secret 01:40.51500.58500.00674
34Leonid MakovkinAKKO Racing Team 01:40.51800.58800.003115
35Jan GangH7K-Racing 01:40.53000.60000.01212
36Matthias FelgPacehub 01:40.53300.60300.00350
37Javier BerrioFast VR Team A 01:40.53900.60900.00629
38Vince van MeerveldBanan Racing 01:40.54200.61200.00338
39Sem SmeetsBanan Racing 01:40.55400.62400.01222
40Sergei DanilukCrazyflie Racing Team №101:40.56300.63300.00948
41Tom WiniBeer Racing Team 01:40.56600.63600.00340
42Pawel eRacing 01:40.56900.63900.00377
43Connor WrightVanwall Simsport 01:40.58100.65100.01272
44Trevor WenhamLe Mans Rennsport LMR01:40.59600.66600.01512
45Fabian ÜckertR&D Racing 01:40.59600.66600.00033
46Mario SalafrancaFast VR Team A 01:40.59900.66900.00380
47Jason DyerRevolutionSimRacing Black01:40.63200.70200.03386
48Kaz DambrauskisBeaver Grease Racing Audi01:40.65300.72300.02131
49Eric CastroFast VR Team B 01:40.68300.75300.030164
50 HaiCoGoat Racing #301:40.68600.75600.00327
51Mantas ArmalasBeaver Grease Racing Audi01:40.69200.76200.006130
52Manolo GarciaFast VR Team B 01:40.69500.76500.00375
53Daniel JellyneckH7K-Racing 01:40.69500.76500.000120
54Cameron BridportRevsport CSC International UwU01:40.72200.79200.02764
55Kobus NellRevolutionSimRacing Black01:40.74600.81600.02481
56Aivaras MickusBeaver Grease Racing Audi01:40.75800.82800.01216
57Christian KellyLe Mans Rennsport LMR01:40.76100.83100.00329
58Konstantin VolkovCrazyflie Racing Team №101:40.77600.84600.01521
59Naz AddatiCrazyflie Racing Team №101:40.78200.85200.00611
60Gediminas KrikštolaitisBeaver Grease Racing Bentley01:40.79400.86400.012139
61Andy VandervellVanwall Simsport 01:40.79700.86700.00353
62Daniel VanderLindeGoat Racing #301:40.80900.87900.01219
63Jussi NeirolaShaun Clarke Racing Shaun Clarke Racing #3401:40.81200.88200.00327
64Matthew HalleyCSC Racing 01:40.81800.88800.00630
65Brendan HmielGoat Racing #301:40.82100.89100.00351
66Dmitriy NazarovShazoo Endurance Racing Team01:40.82400.89400.00340
67Jay FangYeet Gaming 01:40.82700.89700.00356
68Tomas ŠyvokasBeaver Grease Racing Bentley01:40.84200.91200.01589
69Robin MoeN7 Racing 01:40.85700.92700.015132
70Anton TarasovAKKO Racing Team 01:40.86600.93600.00919
71Alex GatesRevsport CSC International UwU01:40.86900.93900.00376
72Reece TattersallCSC Racing 01:40.93501.00500.06620
73Corne BorchersRevolutionSimRacing Black01:40.94401.01400.00965
74Jakub TarasiukSTMP Endurance 01:40.95301.02300.00996
75Stephen TheobaldRedlinezak Racing 01:40.96501.03500.01212
76Przemek eRacing 01:40.97701.04700.01281
77 ErzkblGoat Racing #101:40.98901.05900.01252
78Rodion UsmanovDivebomb Motorsport Alpha01:41.04301.11300.05426
79Brian SchekkermanBanan Racing 01:41.04601.11600.00322
80Penelope DobbinsRevsport CSC International UwU01:41.04901.11900.00359
81Aider WillspinYeet Gaming 01:41.07601.14600.02747
82Will AndrewsR&D Racing 01:41.07901.14900.00326
83Nicolas NogueiraFast VR Team A 01:41.10301.17300.02426
84Dmitry OgorodnikovCrazyflie Racing Team №101:41.12101.19100.01837
85Adrien AntomarchiRedlinezak Racing 01:41.20201.27200.08112
86Sam MawdsleyN7 Racing 01:41.25001.32000.04867
87Fernando SanchezFast VR Team A 01:41.25901.32900.0094
88Filip WitczakSilver Racing Team 01:41.27101.34100.0125
89Sergey MaceCrazyflie Racing Team №201:41.28901.35900.01820
90Max NelzH7K-Racing 01:41.37901.44900.09087
91Dan MintonVictorious Secret 01:41.40901.47900.03024
92Oskar SaaristoChimp Racing 01:41.40901.47900.00013
93Wojciech StrugałaSTMP Endurance 01:41.41201.48200.0037
94Niklas HirtShazoo Endurance Racing Team01:41.45401.52400.04290
95Mark BrophyRedlinezak Racing 01:41.45701.52700.00322
96Marek PaluchSTMP Endurance 01:41.46601.53600.00932
97Pascal AlexBeer Racing Team 01:41.47501.54500.00972
98Remco LangedykVictorious Secret 01:41.48101.55100.00625
99Jason GatesN7 Racing 01:41.48701.55700.00628
100Danny JansenJohn Deere Motorsports Is mien merk01:41.49301.56300.00610
101Jasper van RuitenGoat Racing #101:41.50501.57500.01216
102Tadas DovidaitisBeaver Grease Racing Audi01:41.56201.63200.05743
103Patryk JanusiewiczSTMP Endurance 01:41.58901.65900.02789
104Feliks CzefChimp Racing 01:41.59501.66500.00611
105Harrison GraffamGoat Racing #101:41.61601.68600.02112
106Sean McElligottCSC Racing 01:41.61901.68900.00336
107Dan RobertsonThe Brexit Bois Purple01:41.79601.86600.1779
108Brandon KleijnenJohn Deere Motorsports Is mien merk01:41.87101.94100.07524
109Dmitry PolyakovCrazyflie Racing Team №201:41.88001.95000.00971
110Michael MartinShaun Clarke Racing Shaun Clarke Racing #3401:41.92201.99200.04217
111Sven HertgersBanan Racing 01:41.92501.99500.00325
112Brandon MeyerKarimbabimba Motorsport Trans-Atlantic-Tea-Party01:41.93402.00400.0095
113Simon SpethShaun Clarke Racing Shaun Clarke Racing #3401:42.02402.09400.09015
114Alexander OnishchenkoCrazyflie Racing Team №201:42.19202.26200.16826
115Krzysztof WitkowskiSpanco Racing Gigakubica01:42.19802.26800.00614
116Bartosz ZietekTempesto Motorsports 01:42.22802.29800.03032
# Team Category Fastest Gap Leader Gap Prev Car Rank Valid
1Green Monster Racing Silver01:40.749Audi R8 LMS Evo31 / 3
2Indian Racing Community Porsche BoisPlatinum01:40.94200.19300.193Porsche 991 II GT3 R22 / 3
3Scuderia Ravioli Platinum01:40.97100.22200.028Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo41 / 4
4The Blues Platinum01:41.07300.32400.102AMR V8 Vantage12 / 2
5AKKO Racing Team SilverBronze01:41.11200.36300.039Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo12 / 2
6Name TBD Race KneusjesPlatinum01:41.13000.38100.018AMR V8 Vantage23 / 4
7Iran Racing Team Platinum01:41.23400.48500.104AMR V8 Vantage14 / 4
8HaWe Racing Platinum01:41.23800.48900.003AMR V8 Vantage13 / 3
9PleškoCars Pleško Cars Silver01:41.33700.58800.099Mercedes-AMG GT313 / 3
10Karimbabimba Motorsport Non-Sweaty TeamPlatinum01:41.34900.60000.012Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo22 / 3
11Divebomb Motorsport BetaSilver01:41.41400.66500.065AMR V8 Vantage23 / 4
12MSL Racing #482Platinum01:41.43400.68500.020Porsche 991 II GT3 R13 / 3
13Intercontinental Racing Silver01:41.44600.69700.012Honda NSX GT3 Evo22 / 3
14Revsport CSC International Tax EvadersPlatinum01:41.50000.75100.054AMR V8 Vantage22 / 3
15RevolutionSimRacing Red Silver01:41.50500.75600.004Bentley Continental GT323 / 4
16Hela Gewürzketchup Racing DelikatPlatinum01:41.50500.75600.000McLaren 720S GT314 / 4
17Team Hivemind Grumpy Old FartsPlatinum01:41.52300.77400.018Audi R8 LMS Evo23 / 4
18Goat Racing #4Platinum01:41.54500.79600.022Bentley Continental GT313 / 3
19Celtic Bromance Brm BrmSilver01:41.58900.84000.044Bentley Continental GT314 / 4
20No Time To Pee Yellow StreamPlatinum01:41.69700.94800.108Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo14 / 4
21Ayala/Asunsolo Racing Platinum01:41.72000.97100.022Porsche 991 II GT3 R13 / 3
22Nürburgring eSports Team Platinum01:41.76001.01100.040Honda NSX GT3 Evo31 / 3
23Atlas Racing Platinum01:41.91701.16800.157AMR V8 Vantage14 / 4
24Karimbabimba Motorsport A(M)-TeamPlatinum01:41.93201.18300.015Audi R8 LMS Evo22 / 3
25Simbro Sport Silver01:42.01201.26300.079AMR V8 Vantage22 / 3
26BeesWax Racing MisbeehivingSilver01:42.07101.32200.059Lexus RC F GT314 / 4
27Slow Patrol Racing Fast thinkers, slow moversPlatinum01:42.09401.34500.023AMR V8 Vantage14 / 4
28Lithuanian AM Silver01:42.12101.37200.026McLaren 720S GT323 / 4
29BeesWax Racing Completely BeechedSilver01:42.14501.39600.024AMR V8 Vantage14 / 4 #222Platinum01:42.18601.43700.040Porsche 991 II GT3 R23 / 4
31lagimatie Racing Team HunterzSilver01:42.24301.49400.057AMR V8 Vantage23 / 4
32Hela Gewürzketchup Racing CurrySilver01:42.35701.60800.114Lexus RC F GT322 / 3
33Pacemakers Racing Platinum01:42.36601.61700.009AMR V8 Vantage31 / 3
34Goat Racing #2Silver01:42.48001.73100.114AMR V8 Vantage31 / 3
35Have Fun Simracing Have Fun SimracingSilver01:42.53801.78900.058Porsche 991 II GT3 R14 / 4
36SimRacingXP TheLegend27Silver01:42.68001.93100.141BMW M6 GT314 / 4
37Indian Racing Community Team KaijuSilver01:42.77302.02400.092Nissan GT R Nismo GT323 / 4
38Weichafes Racing Team WRT & LEVA Simracing #47Silver01:42.88202.13300.109AMR V8 Vantage22 / 3
39Northern Ireland Nighthawks Special BoisSilver01:42.93002.18100.048AMR V8 Vantage14 / 4
40Gwhizz Racing Platinum01:42.95302.20400.022McLaren 720S GT323 / 4
41Hela Gewürzketchup Racing SpicySilver01:43.02502.27600.072AMR V8 Vantage13 / 3
42TWG Racing Silver01:43.28302.53400.258Nissan GT R Nismo GT323 / 4
43QV Motorsports Die Bürodame Mutter Milch HuppenSilver01:43.54102.79200.258Mercedes-AMG GT314 / 4
44Keyboard Drivers Bronze01:44.78104.03201.239AMR V8 Vantage31 / 3
45Slip&Slide Racing Bronze01:46.47005.72101.689Lexus RC F GT312 / 2
46ThunderFlash Silver20.74914.470McLaren 720S GT350 / 4
47Team X Silver20.749McLaren 720S GT350 / 3
48Parc Ferme Endurance Racing Bronze20.749McLaren 720S GT35