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Driver Profile

Discord Name cyrencs discord avatar cyrencs
In-game Name Maris Lorencs
Country LV Latvia
License Points
pc acc GT3 0

Leagues & Events

season ended

Team: DigitalRacingSystems ESPORTS
Final position: 2
Class Platinum: 2
pc GT3 GT3 Season XIII - Tier 3 League
season ended
Final position: 45

Race Statistics

Races and events
Starts: 5   Finished: 5   Pole positions: 0   Podiums: 0   Wins: 0
Fastest race laps: 0 Average race finish: 25 Average qualifying: 27 Average gained: 2
Laps driven: 48 Races since last penalty: no penalties Average penalty: none
Participated: 2   Final standings podium: 1   Championships won: 0
Average final standings: 23.50
Team championships
Participated: 0   Final standings podium: 0   Championships won: 0
Average final standings: nan
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Last Race Results

25.07.23ImolaGT3 - XIIITier 3CNS
18.07.23SnettertonGT3 - XIIITier 3CNS
11.07.23Brands HatchGT3 - XIIITier 3CNS
04.07.23SpaGT3 - XIIITier 3NS
27.06.23Laguna SecaGT3 - XIIITier 3NS
20.06.23DoningtonGT3 - XIIITier 3CNS
13.06.23ValenciaGT3 - XIIITier 325