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Driver Profile

Discord Name lsd_high321
In-game Name Lsd_high321
Nickname Lsd_high321
Country england England
License Points
ps acc GT3 0
ps acc GT4 0
F1 3
ea f1 F1 0

Leagues & Events

ea F1 F1 Season 26 MAIN - Tier 3 League
season ended
Final position: 17

Team: Williams
Final position: 9
ea F1 F1 Season 25 MAIN - Tier 2 League
season ended
Final position: 16

Team: Haas F1 Team
Final position: 9
ps F1 F1 Season 24 MAIN - Tier 2 League
season ended
Final position: 14

Team: Williams
Final position: 6
season ended
Final position: 5

Team: HighFox Racing
Final position: 2
ps GT4 GT4 Season 2 - Tier 2 League
season ended
Final position: 2
ps GT3 GT3 Season 3 - Tier 4 League
season ended
Final position: 5

Team: Wacky racers
Final position: 4

Race Statistics

Races and events
Starts: 78   Finished: 73   Pole positions: 1   Podiums: 10   Wins: 1
Fastest race laps: 47 Average race finish: 8.46 Average qualifying: 8.5 Average gained: 0.04
Laps driven: 1197 Races since last penalty: 36 (452 days ago) Average penalty: 0.04 lp 0.13 tp
Date Race Tier Q R
29.06.2021GB Silverstone421
15.02.2022AU Bathurst212
20.07.2021GB Brands Hatch242
22.03.2022DE Nürburgring1163
25.01.2022ZA Kyalami233
18.01.2022IT Misano233
24.08.2021ZA Kyalami363
03.08.2021GB Oulton Park 283
18.05.2021ES Barcelona423
04.05.2021FR Paul Ricard443
13.08.2023AT Austria34
01.02.2022BE Spa244
30.11.2021HU Hungaroring294
19.10.2021BE Spa354
20.08.2023GB United Kingdom35
30.04.2023IT Italy245
04.12.2022JP Japan295
25.09.2022CA Canada2155
10.05.2022GB Silverstone145
16.11.2021GB Oulton Park 285
09.11.2021US Laguna Seca2115
28.09.2021NL Zandvoort355
11.05.2021GB Brands Hatch445
28.05.2023SA Saudi Arabia276
23.04.2023BE Belgium2176
28.08.2022SA Saudi Arabia2136
15.03.2022FR Paul Ricard186
01.02.2022BE Spa26
26.03.2023NL Netherlands2177
06.11.2022GB Great Britain297
26.04.2022BE Spa1197
05.04.2022GB Donington1167
05.10.2021JP Suzuka327
25.05.2021US Laguna Seca437
30.07.2023BH Bahrain3198
30.04.2023IT Italy258
27.11.2022US USA2108
26.10.2021GB Snetterton398
09.10.2022AT Austria2109
14.08.2022AU Australia2109
03.05.2022BE Zolder1109
08.02.2022IT Imola269
27.07.2021US Laguna Seca269
15.06.2021BE Zolder479
16.07.2023ES Spain31410
16.04.2023AZ Azerbaijan21510
12.02.2023PT Portugal21310
18.12.2022BR Brazil2810
13.11.2022IT Italy21510
09.10.2022AT Austria2810
02.10.2022US Miami21110
04.09.2022SM Imola21710
21.08.2022BH Bahrain21710
29.03.2022GB Brands Hatch11410
08.02.2022IT Imola210
10.08.2021BE Zolder2810
20.11.2022BE Belgium21211
11.09.2022ES Spain2911
18.01.2022IT Misano211
12.10.2021IT Monza31411
03.09.2023HU Hungary3912
21.05.2023SG Singapore2912
02.04.2023GB United Kingdom2812
12.03.2023MX Mexico2412
04.06.2023CN China2513
25.01.2022ZA Kyalami213
07.09.2021DE Nürburgring3513
31.08.2021IT Misano3713
13.08.2023AT Austria314
06.08.2023MX Mexico31314
19.02.2023AT Austria21714
12.03.2023MX Mexico21216
04.09.2022SM Imola2717
Participated: 6   Final standings podium: 1   Championships won: 0
Average final standings: 9.83
Team championships
Participated: 5   Final standings podium: 1   Championships won: 0
Average final standings: 6.00
Season Tier Team #
F1 Season 26 MAIN3Williams9
F1 Season 25 MAIN2Haas F1 Team9
F1 Season 24 MAIN2Williams6
GT3 Season INTERNATIONAL GT3 CUP2HighFox Racing2
GT3 Season 34Wacky racers4
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Last Race Results

19.11.23BrazilF1 - 26 MAINTier 3NS
12.11.23SingaporeF1 - 26 MAINTier 3NS
05.11.23Las VegasF1 - 26 MAINTier 3NS
08.10.23ChinaF1 - 26 MAINTier 3NS
01.10.23ItalyF1 - 26 MAINTier 3NS
24.09.23CanadaF1 - 26 MAINTier 3NS
24.09.23CanadaF1 - 26 MAINTier 3NS
17.09.23QatarF1 - 26 MAINTier 3DNF
10.09.23BelgiumF1 - 26 MAINTier 3DNF
03.09.23HungaryF1 - 26 MAINTier 312