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League Information

Signups open (closes in )
Drivers who sign up mid-season will not have a guaranteed seat in one of the league tiers. Once a main or reserve seat becomes available in the tier closest to your pace/speed, you will be contacted by one of the coordinators. Please make sure the coordinators can find you on the AOR Discord server.
30.05.2024 - 13.06.2024
Season period:
13.06.2024 - 18.07.2024
Evaluation races:

General Information:

Hello everyone and welcome to AOR's 3rd league season on GT7, this season is once again a one make series however the racing experienced will be a complete polar opposite (to Season 2 and the MP4/4) as we will be using the Ford Mustang Gr.3 Road Car and mainly racing at ovals, basically we're doing a Nascar style season and running there championship format in a nutshell - hence why Season 3 is officially called the 'FASCAR Championship Series'! 

Please click the link below to find and see the full Calendar: 

IMPORTANT: Please do bear in mind that to be eligible to qualify for the 'Championship 4' final round and potentially win the championship this season, drivers are required to take part in at least 3 of the first 4 races, if a driver only does 1 or 2 of the first 4 races then they will not be eligible for the 'Championship 4', also as this season is quite unique there will be extra rules enforced just for this competition, please go to this AOR GT discord channel to view them:

If you have any questions please go to this AOR GT discord channel here:

Meanwhile the list below is for general info: 

  • League structure: It has been decided this season there will only be 1 Tier created regardless of the number of sign ups, however there will be a sign up priority list based on 2 criteria: 1. Drivers that have took part and finished at least 10 races combined across all previous GT7 Season's and Cup's & 2. Drivers that took part in every race in Season 2. (However the sign up priority list will only be active until Monday 10th June 8pm.)
  • Regions: The main region that our league is based in is Europe, drivers from around the world are allowed to take part in the league as long as their connection is suitable & stable enough. 
  • Race format: Due to the nature of this series and the tracks being used there will potentially be a mix of different qualy formats so please do check in the discord for further info, as for the 5 races themselves, time wise they will range from 55 minutes to 70 minutes.
  • Assists: ABS allowed, all other assists prohibited.
  • Day/time: League events for all tiers will take place on Thursday nights starting with the race starting around 8pm (UK time).

If you require further information on this season, then you should find the finer details here

Notable Dates

  • Sign up opens: May 30th
  • Mid-Season Sign up opens: TBC
  • Final Sign up closes: June 13th 6pm 
  • Season begins: June 13th 8pm
  • Season ends: July 18th

13.06.2024 19:00 UTC US Daytona Tri-Oval

20.06.2024 19:00 UTC US Northern Isle Speedway

27.06.2024 19:00 UTC JP High Speed Ring

11.07.2024 19:00 UTC US Blue Moon Bay Speedway

18.07.2024 19:00 UTC JP Broad Bean Speedway

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