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League Information

Signups closed
11.04.2024 - 25.04.2024
Season period:
25.04.2024 - 09.05.2024
Evaluation races:

General Information:

Hello and welcome to the Tokyo Street Cup, this is a one make 3 round series using the Nissan Skyline GT-R V・spec II Nür' - aka Nissan R34, however in a first here we're giving drivers who signup (during the initial signup period), the chance to vote for the race format for this competition.

There will be 2 options, one option is a normal one race each round (race length around 50mins), while the other option is a feature & sprint format (combined race length around 50mins), for full info and the finer details on both choices please look at this channel here first before voting:

As for voting, it will take place in this channel here:  https://discord.com/channels/298938326306521098/1228038580019007569

The full Calendar can be found and seen here: 

If you have any questions please go to our AOR GT discord channel here

Meanwhile the list below is for general info: 

  • League structure: Depending on the amount of drivers signed up at the start of the season a set amount of tiers will be created, however full-time drivers will get priority over part-time drivers in the event that there is over 16 drivers signed up but not enough drivers for 2 tiers. 
  • Regions: The main region that our league is based in is Europe, drivers from around the world are allowed to take part in the league as long as their connection is suitable & stable enough. 
  • Race format: To Be Decided by a Driver Vote - Qualifying session will either be 5 or 10 minutes long, followed by a main race or a feature & sprint format lasting around 50mins.
  • Assists: ABS allowed, all other assists prohibited.
  • Day/time: League events for all tiers will take place on Thursday nights starting with qualifying around 7:50pm (UK time).

Notable Dates

  • Initial Sign up closes: April 25th 2024 7pm
  • Final sign up closes: TBC
  • Competition Format voting ends: April 24th 2024 8pm
  • Competition begins:  April 25th 2024 8pm
  • Competition ends: May 9th 2024

25.04.2024 19:00 UTC JP Tokyo Expressway - South Counterclockwise

02.05.2024 19:00 UTC JP Tsukuba Circuit

09.05.2024 19:00 UTC JP Tokyo Expressway - East Counterclockwise